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Jeep Compass 2021 Fuse Box

Jeep Compass 2021 Fuse Box Info


Fuse box location:

The fuse box is located in the passenger compartment on the left side dash panel under the instrument panel.


Engine compartment fuse box:


Luggage compartment fuse box:

The fuses may be contained in two units, fuse holder No. 1 and fuse holder No. 2 (if equipped with trailer towing) are located closest to the rear of the vehicle.



Fuse Box Diagram | Layout


Passenger compartment fuse box:

Fuse/Relay N° Rating Functions
31 7.5A Occupant Restraint Controller
33 20A Window Motor Passenger
34 20A Window Motor Driver
36 20A Intrusion Module/Siren, Radio, UCI/USB Port, VSU, Climate Control, Electronic Steering Lock, Power Folding Mirrors, Security Gateway/DTV
37 10A nstrument Panel Cluster, Drivetrain Control Module, Adaptive Cruise, ECC (HVAC) Blower
38 20A Door Lock/Unlock, Liftgate Release
42 7.5A Brake System Module, Electric Power Steering
43 20A Washer Pump Front And Rear
47 20A Rear Left Window Lifter
48 20A Rear Right Window Lifter
49 7.5A Park Assist, Blind Spot, Voltage Stabilizer, Humidity Sensor, Electronic Steering Lock, Temp Sense, Mirror, Heated Seats, Light And Rain Sensor, Start Stop Switch
50 7.5A Occupant Restraint Controller
51 7.5A Electronic Climate Control, Occupant Classification, Rear View Camera, Climate Control, Headlamp Leveling, Terrain Select, Heated Rear Window, Trailer Tow, Haptic Lane Departure
53 7.5A Keyless Ignition Node Module, Electric Park Brake, RF Hub, Cluster
94 15A Lumbar Adjust Driver Seat, Power Outlets


Engine compartment fuse box:

Fuse/Relay N° Rating Functions
01 70A Module Body Computer
02 70A Module Body Computer, Rear Distribution Unit



Supply Body Computer, HID Lamps
04 40A Brake Control Electronics Module
05 40A PTC Heater
06 40A Starter Relay
07 40A Rear Distribution Unit For Trailer Tow Usage
08 30A Supply For TCM, AGSM, Steering Control
09 7.5A ECM, TCM, Radiator Fan Control
10 20A Horn

20A – 1.4L Gas & Diesel Engines

25A – 2.4 L Engines/UREA

ECM/PCM/UREA Fuel Injectors

7.5A - Diesel Engine

15A - Gas Engine

Diesel Crankcase Heater

Gasoline LTR Cooling Pump

15 40A Brake Control Module Pump
16 10A Engine Control Module Power, Automatic Transmiss
17 10A Engine Secondary Loads
18 20A 12V Rear Cargo Outlet Ignition Powered
19 7.5A Air Conditioner Compressor
20 20A Cigar Lighter
21 20A Fuel Pump

20A – Gas Engine

15A – Diesel Engine

Gas - Ign Coil/Fuel Injector Diesel- Diesel Components
23 30A Window Heater Grid
24 15A Electronic Unit Supply Automatic Transmission
30 20A (Customer Selectable, Move From F18) 12V Rear Cargo Outlet Constant Battery Powered
81 60A Glow Plug Module, DDCT SDU Battery Feed
82 40A Diesel Fuel Filter Heater
83 40A HVAC Fan
84 30A Power Supply All Wheel Drive
87 5A Gear Selector Automatic Transmission
88 7.5A Heated Outside Mirrors
89 30A Heated Rear Window
90 5A IBS Sensor (Battery State of Charge)



Dual Battery Control Relay With NON DDCT Trans

Dual Battery Control Relay With DDCT Trans


The Fuse Box has additional ATO fuse holders installed on the bottom of the box.

Fuse N° Rating Functions
1 5A Drivetrain Control Module (4x4/AWD)
2 10A ECM — Start Diagnostic Sense
3 2A Mod Steering Control



Luggage compartment fuse box:

Fuse Holder No.1:

Fuse/Relay N° Rating Functions
01 30A Power Inverter
02 30A Memory Seat
03 20A Sun Roof – If Equipped
04 30A Power Seat (Passenger Side)
05 30A Power Seat (Driver Side)
06 7.5A Power Lumbar (Power Seats)
07 15A Heated Steering Wheel / Ventilated Seats
08 20A Heated Seats


Fuse Holder No.2:

Fuse/Relay N° Rating Functions
01 10A TTM IGN Feed
05 15A Controller Exterior Lighting Lights (Drivers Side)
06 15A Controller Exterior Lighting Lights (Passenger Side)
07 10A TTM Jumper Battery Feed


On the Rear Cargo Fuse/Relay Distribution Unit bracket, there is a Maxi Fuse holder for the Power Liftgate and an ATO / Uni Val fuse holder for the HIFI Audio System.

Fuse/Relay N° Rating Functions
01 30A Power Liftgate
02 25A HIFI Audio System

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