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Ford Expedition 1998 Fuse Box

Ford Expedition 1998 Fuse Box Info


Fuse box location:

The fuse box is located below and to the left of the steering wheel by the brake pedal.


Engine compartment fuse box:



Fuse Box Diagram | Layout


Passenger compartment fuse box:

Fuse/Relay N° Rating Functions
1 15A Flasher Relay
2 5A Instrument Cluster, Overhead Trip Computer (OTC) Module
3 25A Cigar lighter
4 5A Park Lamp Relay, Headlamp Relay, Autolamp Module, Remote Anti-Theft Personality (RAP) Module, Power Mirror Switch
5 15A Digital Transmission Range (DTR) Sensor, Daytime Running Lamps (DRL) Module, Speed Control Servo/Amplifier Assembly, Heater-A/C Control Assembly, Blend Door Actuator, Electronic Variable Orifice (EVO) Module
6 5A Shift Lock Actuator, Generic Electronic Module (GEM), 4 Wheel Air Suspension (4WAS) Module, Compass Sensor, Steering Wheel Rotation Sensor, Heated Grid Relay, Overhead Trip Computer (OTC) Module
7 5A Auxiliary A/C Relay, Console Blower Motor
8 5A Radio, Main Light Switch, Remote Anti-Theft Personality (RAP) Module
9 - Not used
10 - Not used
11 30A Washer Pump Relay, Wiper Run/Park Relay, Wiper Hi/Lo Relay, Windshield Wiper Motor, Rear Wiper Pump Relay
12 5A Data Link Connector (DLC)
13 15A Brake On/Off (BOO) Switch, Brake Pressure Switch
14 15A Battery Saver Relay, Interior Lamp Relay
15 5A Generic Electronic Module (GEM), Passive Anti-Theft System (PATS) Module
16 20A Instrument Cluster (W/O DRL), Daytime Running Lamps (DRL) Module, Hi-Beam Headlamps (Power supplied through Multi-Function Switch)
17 10A Heated Backlight Switch, Left Power/Heated Signal Mirror, Right Power/Heated Signal Mirror
18 5A Main Light Switch, Generic Electronic Module (GEM), Instrument Illumination (Power supplied through Main Light Switch)
19 10A Instrument Cluster, Air Bag Diagnostic Monitor
20 5A 4 Wheel Air Suspension (4WAS), Generic Electronic Module (GEM)
21 15A Digital Transmission Range (DTR) Sensor, Junction Box Fuse/Relay Panel (Fuse 20)
22 10A Air Bag Diagnostic Monitor
23 10A Trailer Tow Battery Charge Relay, 4X4 Center Axle Disconnect solenoid, 4X2 Center Axle Disconnect Solenoid, Function Selector Switch, Rear Integrated Control Panel, Recirculation Vacuum Solenoid, Auxiliary A/C Mode Acturator, Auxiliary A/C Control Module
24 10A Function Selector Switch
25 5A 4 Wheel Anti-Lock Brake System (4WABS) Module, 4WABS Relay
26 10A Daytime Running Lamps (DRL) Module, Right Headlamp (Power supplied through Multi-Function Switch)
27 5A Main Light Switch, Fog Lamp Relay
28 10A Left Headlamp
29 5A Autolamp Module, Instrument Cluster, Transmission Control Switch (TCS)
30 30A Radio Noise Capacitor, Ignition Coil, PCM Power Diode, Coil On Plugs
31 - Not used


Engine compartment fuse box:

Fuse/Relay N° Rating Functions
1 20A Trailer Tow Running Lamp Relay, Trailer Tow Backup Lamp Relay
2 10A Airbag diagnostic monitor
3 30A All Unlock Relay, All Lock Relay, Driver’s Unlock Relay
4 15A Air Suspension Service Switch
5 20A Horn Relay
6 30A Radio, Premium Sound Amplifier, CD Changer, Rear Integrated Control Panel, Sub-Woofer Power (Fuse 3 & Fuse 5)
7 15A Main Light Switch, Park Lamp Relay
8 30A Main Light Switch, Headlamp Relay, Multi-Function Switch
9 15A Daytime Running Lamps (DRL) Module, Fog Lamp Relay
10 25A I/P Auxiliary Power Socket
11 25A Console Auxiliary Power Socket
12 10A Rear Wiper Up Motor Relay, Rear Wiper Down Motor Relay
13 30A Auxiliary A/C Relay
14 60A 4 Wheel Anti-Lock Brake System (4WABS) Module
15 50A Air Suspension Solid State Compressor Relay
16 40A Trailer Tow Battery Charge Relay, Engine Fuse Module (Fuse 2)
17 30A Shift on the Fly Relay, Transfer Case Shift relay
18 30A Power Seat Control Switch
19 20A Fuel Pump Relay
20 50A Ignition Switch (B4 & B5)
21 50A Ignition Switch (B1 & B3)
22 50A Junction Box Fuse/Relay Panel Battery Feed
23 40A I/P Blower Relay
24 30A PCM Power Relay, Engine Fuse Module (Fuse 1)
25 30A Junction Box Fuse/Relay Panel, ACC Delay Relay
26 - Not used
27 40A Junction Box Fuse/Relay Panel, Heated Grid Relay
28 30A Trailer Electronic Brake Controller
29 30A Flip Window Relay, Hybrid Cooling Fan Relay
30   EEC Power Relay
31   Horn Relay
32   Fuel Pump Relay
33   Front Washer Pump relay
34   Windshield Wiper Park/Run Relay
35   Windshield Wiper HI/LO Relay
36 - -
37 - -


Engine mini fuse box:

Fuse/Relay N° Rating Functions
1 5A Powertrain control module (PCM)
2 20A Trailer tow stop/turn lamps
3 10A Audio rear integrated control panel (RICP), compact disc changer, radio
4 10A Running board lamps
5 20A Amplifier, subwoofer amplifier
6 - Not used


Primary battery fuses:

Fuse/Relay N° Rating Functions
1 175A Power network box megause
2 175A Alternator megafuse
3 20A Alternator field minifuse

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