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Audi A3 2019 Fuse Box

Audi A3 2019 Fuse Box Info


Passenger compartment fuse box location:

The instrument panel fuse box is located behind a cover near the steering column.


Engine compartment fuse box location:



Fuse Box Diagram | Layout


Passenger compartment fuse box:

Fuse/Relay N° Functions
2 Seat adjustment
3 Power top hydraulic pump
4 Infotainment control panel, Infotainment components
5 Gateway
6 Selector lever (automatic transmission), steering lock
7 Air conditioning/heating controls, auxiliary heating, rear window defogger relay, tire pressure monitor
8 Electromechanical parking brake switch, light switch, rain/light sensor, anti-theft alarm system, diagnostic connector, roof module, emergency cali system, headlight range control
9 Steering column switch module
10 Infotainment system display
11 Left vehicle electrical system control module
12 Infotainment components
13 Driver's side safety belt tensioner, airbag
14 Heating/air conditioning system blower
15 Electronic steering column lock, convenience access control module
16 TV tuner, telephone antenna
17 Instrument cluster
18 Rearview camera
19 Vehicle tracking, parallel parking assist
20 Engine components
21 Steering column, steering wheel heating switch module
23 Panorama glass roof/power top control module, power top latch
24 Right vehicle electrical system control module
25 Driver's side front/rear power windows
26 Seat heating
27 Interior lights
28 Power top control module
29 Interior lights
30 Diagnostic connector
32 Front camera, parking system, ACC sensor, lane change assist
33 Airbag
34 Hold assist button, interior sound, back-up light switch, temperature sensor, neck heating relay coil and socket relay, power top operation button
35 Air quality sensor, automatic dimming rearview mirror, diagnostic connector, center console power supply
36 Right headlight (LED, Matrix LED)
37 Left headlight (LED, Matrix LED)
38 High-voltage battery
39 Passenger's side front/rear power windows
40 Sockets
41 Passenger's side safety belt tensioner
42 Central locking area
43 Sound-amplifier
44 All wheel drive
45 Driver's side seat adjustment
47 Rear window wiper
48 Outer sound actuator
49 Clutch sensor, engine start, high-voltage battery, power electronics
52 Level control system control module
53 Rear window defogger


Engine compartment fuse box:

Fuse/Relay N° Functions
1 Electronic Stabilization Control (ESC)
2 Electronic Stabilization Control (ESC)
3 Engine control module
4 Engine components, engine cooling
5 Engine components, CNC cut-off valve
6 Brake light switch
7 Engine components, water pumps, tank system
8 Heat oxygen sensor
9 Engine components, exhaust door, glow time control module
10 Fuel control module, fuel pump
11 Auxiliary heater heating element2, engine components
12 Auxiliary heater heating element3, vacuum pump
13 Transmission fluid pump
15 Horn
16 Power and control electronics, engine components, ignition coil, options module
17 Electronic Stabilization Control (ESC), engine control module
18 Terminal 30 (voltage reference), battery monitoring
19 Windshield wipers
20 Anti-theft alarm system
21 Automatic transmission
22 Terminal 50 diagnosis, engine control module
23 Engine start
24 Auxiliary heater heating element 1, brake booster
31 Vacuum pump, water pump, high pressure pump, fuel injectors
33 Brake pressure reservoir, recuperation
34 Brake booster
35 Climate control system
36 Left front headlamp
37 Parking heater
38 Right front headlamp


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