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Maserati MC20 2023 Fuse Box

Maserati MC20 2023 Fuse Box Info


Passenger compartment fuse box location:

The fuse box is located under the passenger's footrest, under the dashboard.


Engine compartment fuse box locatiom:


Luggage compartment fuse box location:



Fuse Box Diagram | Layout


Passenger compartment fuse box:

Fuse/Relay N° Rating Functions
33 25A Front Driver Window Lifter
34 25A Front Passenger Window Lifter
36 15A HVAC, ASU, HFSU, EPB switch, RFHM, KNOB, plafoniera, TBM, EOBD, EMC, SGW and DCSD module
37 10A IPC module
38 20A Lock/Unlock Fuel Lid and Latch-Liftgate
42 7.5A BSM, EPS and CDCM module
43 20A Output from relay Washer pump
49 7.5A PAM, Blindspot, Internal mirror and lifter
50 7.5A ORC
51 7.5A AC Compressor, HVAC, Air quality sensor, T09 internal relay FDU, Humidity sensor, RVDM
53 7.5A Clockspring, start button and IPC


Engine compartment fuse box:

Fuse/Relay N° Rating Functions
03 20A Direct starter control
04 20A
A/C Fans
07 50A
Main Relay
14 15A
Direct battery positive TCM
16 5A
Ignition switch output ECM-TCM
18 10A
E-LATCH Driver
19 10A
E-LATCH Passenger
22 10A
A/C Compressor
24 20A
Primary loads NCM Master
82 30A
Fuel pump 2
83 30A
Fuel pump 1
84 7.5A
Direct battery positive ECM
87 25A
ECM module
89 20A
Electrical water pump
90 5A
ELDOR battery
Secondary Loads
T07 50A
Main Relay
T09 30A
A/C Compressor
T17 30A
Electrical water pump
R1 30A
Pump 2 Realy
R2 30A
BCM relay
F01 15A
Engine secondary loads
R1 30A
Pump 1 Realy
R2 30A
Starter relay
F01 20A
Engine primary loads NCM slave
C038 D 30A
Engine A/C fans


Luggage compartment fuse box:

Fuse/Relay N° Rating Functions
01 50A Main Roof
02 20A ECU Chassis Domain Control input
03 30A Hi-Fi 2 relay input
06 30A ETM R1 relay input
07 40A HVAC front blower relay coil
08 30A Hi-Fi 1 relay input
09 20A RH seat movement
10 15A Horn input
14 7.5A External Mirror input
17 5A Wireless charger
18 10A LH seat movement
19 7.5A ECU Chassis Domain Control input
20 20A Power Outlet Trunk input
21 10A Dna/Hub usb ports
23 25A LH seat movement + Heated seats
30 10A Navtrack
82 20A BCM key relays
83 20A Wiper
84 7.5A ECU Lifter input
T07 50A HVAC front blower relay coil
T09 30A Wireless charger input
    Next fuses boxes are located in the front luggage compartment, but are not accessible by the user.
R1 30A Horn relay input
R3 30A ECU Chassis Domain Control input
01 125A FDU input
02 80A EPS
03 100A Enable cooling fan relay input
04 70A IBS - MKC1
05 40A IBS - Valves
06 50A Lifter input
P035 5A Battery charge status sensor
C038 50A Lifter pump relay
P059 2A Clockspring input

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