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Citroën C4 2016 Fuse Box Diagram

Citroën C4 2016 Fuse Box Diagram


Fuse box location:

The fuseboxes are located in the lower dashboard.


Engine compartment fusebox:

The fusebox is placed in the engine compartment near the battery.


Fuse Box Diagram | Layout

Dashboard fuses:


Fuse N° Rating Functions
F8 3 A Alarm siren, alarm ECU.
F13 10 A 12 V socket.
F14 10 A 12 V socket in boot.
F16 3 A Lighting for the large multifunctional storage unit, rear map reading lamps, glove box illumination.
F17 3 A Sun visor illumination, front map reading lamps.
F28 15 A Audio system, radio (after-market).
F30 20 A Rear wiper.
F32 10 A Hi-Fi amplifier.


Fuse N° Rating Functions
F36 15 A Rear 12 V socket.
F37 - Not used.
F39 - Not used.
F40 - Not used.


Engine compartment fusebox:

Fuse N° Rating Functions
F19 30 A Windscreen wipers slow/fast speed.
F20 15 A Front and rear screenwash pump.
F21 20 A Headlamp wash pump.
F22 10 A Horn.
F23 15 A Right-hand main beam headlamp.
F24 15 A Left-hand main beam headlamp.
F27 5 A Left-hand dipped headlamp.
F28 5 A Right-hand dipped headlamp.

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