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Audi Q5 2024 Fuse Box

Audi Q5 2024 Fuse Box Info


Passenger compartment fuse box location:

The fuse box 1 is located on the left front side of the cockpit. The fuse box 2 is located in the driver's footwell (left-hand drive vehicle).

The fuse box 2 is located in the front passenger's footwell (right-hand drive vehicle).


Luggage compartment fuse box location:


Fuse Box Diagram | Layout


Passenger compartment fuse box 1:

Fuse/Relay N° Functions
4 Head-up display
5 USB ports with charging function
6 Front climate control system control panel
7 Steering column lock
8 Center display
9 Instrument cluster
10 Volume control
11 Light switch, switch module
12 Steering column electronics
14 Infotainment systems
15 Steering column adjustment
16 Steering column electronics, Steering wheel heating


Passenger compartment fuse box 2:

Fuse/Relay N° Functions
  Fuse panel A (brown)
1 Catalytic converter heating
2 Engine components
3 Exhaust doors, fuel injectors, air intake, motor heating
4 Vacuum pump, hot water pump, NOx sensor, particulate sensor, biodiesel sensor, exhaust doors
5 Brake light sensor
6 Engine valves, camshaft adjustment
7 Heated oxygen sensors, mass airflow sensor, water pump
8 Water pump, high pressure pump, high pressure regulator valve, temperature valve, engine mount
9 Hot water pump, motor relay, 48 V starter generator, 48 V water pump
10 Oil pressure sensor, oil temperature sensor
11 Clutch position sensor, 48 V starter generator, water pump, 12 V starter generator
12 Engine valves, engine mount
13 Engine cooling
14 Fuel injectors, drive system control module
15 Ignition coils, heated oxygen sensors
16 Fuel pump
  Fuse panel B (red)
1 Anti-theft alarm system
2 Drive system control module
3 Left front seat electronics, lumbar support, massaging seat
4 Automatic transmission selector mechanism
5 Horn
6 Parking brake, Electronic toll collection system (ETC)
7 Diagnostic interface
8 Roof electronics control module
9 Emergency call and communication control module
10 Airbag control module
11 Electronic Stabilization Control (ESC), Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
12 Diagnostic connector, Electronic toll collection system (ETC), light/rain sensor
13 Climate control system
14 Right front door control module
15 Climate control system compressor
16 Brake system pressure reservoir
  Fuse panel C (black)
1 Front seat heating
2 Windshield wipers
3 Left headlight electronics
4 Panorama glass roof
5 Left front door control module
6 12 volt sockets
7 Right rear door control module, right rear power window
8 All wheel drive control module
9 Right headlight electronics
10 Windshield washer system/headlight washer system control module
11 Left rear door control module, left rear power window
12 Auxiliary heating, exterior sound generator
  Fuse panel D (black)
1 Front seat electronic, seat ventilation, rearview mirror, rear climate control system control panel, windshield heating, diagnostic connection
2 Diagnostic interface, vehicle electrical system control module
3 Engine sound control module, exterior sound generator
4 Clutch position sensor
5 Engine start
6 Diagnostic connection
7 USB connection
8 Garage door opener
9 Audi adaptive cruise control
10 Active accelerator pedal
11 Front camera
12 Right headlight
13 Left headlight
14 Transmission fluid cooling
15 Alarm and hands-free calling system
  Fuse panel E (red)
1 Ignition coils
2 Climate control system compressor
5 Left headlight
6 Automatic transmission
7 Instrument panel
8 Climate control system blower
9 Right headlight
10 Dynamic steering
11 Engine start, thermal management
12 Oil pump


Luggage compartment fuse box:

Fuse/Relay N° Functions
  Fuse panel A (black)
1 Thermal management, coolant pumps
2 Windshield defroster
3 Windshield defroster
5 Air suspension/suspension control
6 Automatic transmission
7 Rear window defogger
8 Rear seat heating
9 Left tail lights
10 Airbag, driver's side safety belt tensioner control module
11 Luggage compartment lid lock, fuel filler door lock, convenience system control module
12 Luggage compartment lid
  Fuse panel B (red)
2 High-voltage battery, service disconnect switch
3 High-voltage battery water pump
4 Electric drive system, power electronic
6 Electric compressor
8 Climate control system compressor
9 Temperature control
10 High-voltage battery
11 High-voltage charger
  Fuse panel C (brown)
1 Exterior antenna
2 Audi phone box
3 Right front seat electronics, lumbar support, massaging seat
4 Side assist
6 Tire pressure monitoring system
7 Convenience access and start authorization control module
8 Tank module
9 Climatized cup holder
10 Data exchange and telematics control module
11 Auxiliary battery control module
12 Garage door opener
13 Rearview camera, peripheral cameras
14 Right tail lights
16 Airbag, front passenger's side safety belt tensioner control module
  Fuse panel E (red)
3 Exhaust treatment
5 Right trailer hitch light
7 Trailer hitch release
8 Left trailer hitch light
9 Trailer hitch socket
10 All wheel drive control module, sport differential
11 Exhaust treatment

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