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Audi R8 2021 Fuse Box

Audi R8 2021 Fuse Box Info


Passenger compartment fuse box location:

The fuse box is located in the footwell area on the passenger’s side bihand a cover.


Fuse Box Diagram | Layout


Passenger compartment fuse box:

Fuse/Relay N° Functions
  Fuse panel A (black)
1 Steering column electronics
2 Roof electronics control module, all wheel drive control module, front passenger’s airbag indicator light, switch panel, power steering
3 Anti-lock braking system (ABS), Electronic Stabilization Control (ESC)
4 Dynamic steering
5 Garage door opener
6 Diagnostic connecting, headlight range control, vehicle electrical system control module
7 Diagnostic interface
8 Anti-lock braking system (ABS), Electronic Stabilization Control (ESC)
9 Airbag control module, front passenger’s seat electronics
10 Humidity sensor, A/C system pressure/temperature sensor
11 Left headlight
12 Sound generator
13 Right headlight
14 Rearview mirror
15 Engine start
16 Engine control module, automatic transmission
  Fuse panel B (black)
3 Climate control system blower
4 Vehicle electric system control module
5 Emergency call module
6 Rearview camera
  Fuse panel C (black)
1 Diagnostic connector
2 Parking brake
3 Diagnostic interface
4 Brake booster
6 Sockets
7 Instrument cluster
8 Immobilizer control module
9 Ignition interlock control module
10 Emergency call module
  Fuse panel D (red)
3 Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
4 Ignition power circuit
5 Automatic transmission selector lever
7 Roof electronics control module
8 Windshield wiper (driver’s side)
9 Windshield wiper (front passenger’s side)
10 Horn
11 Steering column electronics
12 Light switch
  Fuse panel E (brown)
1 Electronic Stabilization Control (ESC)
2 Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
3 Climate control system
4 Vehicle positioning
5 Left door control module
6 Right door control module
7 Vehicle electrical system control module
8 Vehicle electrical system control module
9 Vehicle electrical system control module
10 Anti-theft alarm system
11 Vehicle electrical system control module
12 Light/rain sensor
  Fuse panel F (black)
7 Infotainment system control module
8 Infotainment system
9 Safety belt microphone, exterior antenna
10 Sound amplifier
12 USB input

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