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Audi Q8 2020 Fuse Box

Audi Q8 2020 Fuse Box Info


Passenger compartment fuse box location:

The fuse box 1 is located on the left front side of the cockpit.

The fuse box 2 is located in the driver's footwell.


Luggage compartment fuse box location:


Fuse Box Diagram | Layout


Passenger compartment fuse box 1:

Fuse/Relay N° Functions
  Fuse panel 1 (black)
2 Audi phone box, roof antenna
3 Climate control system, fragrance system, particular matter sensor
4 Head-up display
5 Audi music interface, USB sockets
7 Steering column lock
8 Upper/lower display
9 Instrument cluster
10 CD/DVD player
11 Light switch, switch panels
12 Steering column electronics
13 Volume control
14 MMI Infotainment system control module
15 Steering column adjustment
16 Steering wheel heating


Passenger compartment fuse box 2:

Fuse/Relay N° Functions
  Fuse panel 1 (brown)
1 Catalytic converter heating
2 Engine components
3 Engine components
4 Engine components
5 Brake light sensor
6 Engine components
7 Engine components
8 Engine components
9 Engine components
10 Oil pressure sensor, oil temperature sensor
11 Engine components
12 Engine components
13 Engine cooling
14 Engine control module
15 Engine sensors
16 Fuel pump
  Fuse panel 2 (red)
1 Ignition coils
3 High-voltage heating
4 Compressor
5 Engine mount
6 Windshield washer system control module
7 Instrument panel
8 Climate control system fresh air blower
9 Driver assist systems control module
10 Emergency call system
11 Engine start
  Fuse panel 3 (black)
1 Front seat heating
2 Windshield wipers
3 Left headlight electronics
4 Panoramic glass roof
5 Left front door control module
6 Sockets
7 Right rear door control module
9 Right headlight electronics
10 Windshield washer system/headlight washer system
11 Left rear door control module
12 Parking heater
  Fuse panel 4 (brown)
1 Seat ventilation, seat electronics, rearview mirror, rear climate control panel, diagnostic connector
2 Vehicle electrical system control module, gateway control module
3 Sound actuator/exhaust sound tuning
4 Transmission fluid cooling valve
5 Engine start
8 Night vision assist, active roll stabilization
9 Adaptive cruise assist, front radar
10 Exterior sound
11 Intersection assistant, driver assist systems
13 Left headlight
  Fuse panel 5 (red)
1 Anti-theft alarm system
2 Engine control module
3 Front seat electronics, lumbar support
4 Automatic transmission selector lever
5 Horn
6 Parking brake
7 Gateway control module (diagnosis)
8 Roof electronics control module
9 Drivetrain generator
10 Airbag control module
11 Electronic Stabilization Control (ESC), Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
12 Diagnostic connector, light/rain sensor
13 Climate control system
14 Right front door control module
15 Climate control system compressor


Luggage compartment fuse box:

Fuse/Relay N° Functions
  Fuse panel 1 (black)
1 High-voltage heating, thermomanagement
5 Air suspension/damping
6 Automatic transmission
7 Rear seat heating, control panel for rear climate control
9 Central locking, left tail light
10 Front belt tensioner on driver's side
11 Luggage compartment lid central locking, fuel filler door, luggage compartment cover
12 Luggage compartment lid control module
  Fuse panel 2 (red)
1 Rear climate control system blower
2 Sound-amplifier
3 Exhaust treatment, sound actuator
4 Rear climate control system control panel
5 Right trailer hitch light
6 Trailer hitch positioning motor
7 Trailer hitch release
8 Left trailer hitch light
9 Trailer hitch socket
10 All wheel drive sport differential
11 Exhaust treatment
12 Driver’s side rear safety belt tensioner
  Fuse panel 3 (brown)
1 Driver assist systems control module
2 Audi phone box
3 Front seat electronics, right lumbar support
4 Side assist
6 Tire pressure monitoring system
8 Parking heater radio receiver, fuel tank monitoring
10 TV tuner, data exchange and telematics control module
11 Convenience access and start authorization control module
12 Garage door opener
13 Rearview camera, peripheral cameras
14 Right tail light, comfort system
15 Passenger’s side rear safety belt tensioner
16 Front belt tensioner on front passenger's side
  Fuse panel 4 (red)
1 Active roll stabilization
6 Voltage converter
9 Auxiliary battery control module
15 Thermomanagement control module
  Fuse panel 5 (brown)
  Not assigned

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