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Lincoln Nautilus 2024 Fuse Box

Lincoln Nautilus 2024 Fuse Box Info


Passenger compartment fuse box location:

The fuse box is located under the steering column.


Engine compartment fuse box location:



Fuse Box Diagram | Layout


Passenger compartment fuse box:

Fuse/Relay N° Rating Functions
3 7.5A Seat control switch, Wireless accessory control module
6 30A Driver seat climate control
7 7.5A Gear shift module
8 7.5A Telematics control module
9 5A Interior anti-theft alarm sensor, Rear seat heater control module
10 10A Driver seat massage
13 7.5A Steering column module
19 7.5A Bluetooth connectivity module
20 5A Exterior lights switch
23 30A Driver door control module
26 30A Passenger door control module
31 7.5A A/C control unit
32 20A Voice control unit, Center display
34 20A Multifunction display 2
35 5A Electronic toll collection module 1
36 5A Electronic toll collection module - ignition, Interior air particulate sensor
38 40A High voltage power outlet
39 5A Hands-free power liftgate
41 20A Multifunction display 3
42 10A Keyless start remote key receiver
43 30A Power liftgate
44 30A Driver power seat
45 30A Passenger power seat
50 10A Left multi-contour seat control
55 5A Electrochromatic rear view mirror
60 10A Moonroof control module
62 20A Driver power door latch
63 20A Passenger power door latch
64 20A Right rear power door latch
65 20A Left rear power door latch
70 20A Advanced driver assistance module
75 10A Rear multi-contour seat 2
76 7.5A Driver status monitor
77 20A Radio control unit
78 10A A/C vents control
79 10A Multifunction display 1
80 5A Digital scent module
81 20A Passenger door control module 2
82 20A Driver door control module 2
83 5A Driver keypad
84 10A Rear electric multi-contour seat
85 5A All wheel drive ignition power
112 30A Left rear power seat
113 30A Right rear power seat


Engine compartment fuse box:

Fuse/Relay N° Rating Functions
1 30A Supply line body control module ignition 1
2 30A Supply line body control module ignition 2
3 40A Supply line body control module permanent power
4 60A Anti-lock brake system power 1, Electronic stability program power 1
7 40A Anti-lock brake system power 2, Electronic stability program power 2
14 5A Hybrid drive controller permanent power (hybrid)
15 15A Powertrain control module
16 15A Exhaust gas sensors, Fuel system
17 15A Air conditioning clutch, Grille shutter
18 20A Exhaust gas sensors downstream
21 40A Electric coolant heater 3
22 30A Smart headlamp - right
23 30A Smart headlamp - left
24 30A Engine starter motor
26 20A Fuel pump
27 20A Cargo area power outlet
28 20A Center console power outlet, Front console power outlet
30 5A USB smart charging type A, High mount camera
31 30A Windshield wiper motor
32 5A Windshield rain sensor
33 60A Electric coolant heater 2
36 40A Supply line body control module permanent power
41 20A Running board - right
42 40A Trailer tow module
43 20A Interior fuse box supply
46 30A Second row captain chairs control
48 15A Audio amplifier 1
49 10A Anti-lock brake system ignition supply, Electronic stability program ignition supply, Brakes ignition supply
50 10A Powertrain control module ignition
51 10A Interior air quality sensor
54 40A Rear window heater
58 40A Electric coolant heater 1
62 40A Front cooling pack blower motor
69 5A Electric steering assist ignition supply
70 10A On board diagnostic port power
73 20A Rear wiper motor
78 15A Heated windscreen wiper park area
79 5A Smart headlamp control module
80 15A Heated steering wheel
82 10A Hybrid drive controller active power (hybrid)
84 15A Engine fuel injectors power
86 10A Headlamp leveling motors
90 15A Rear window washer
95 10A Hybrid drive system control module (hybrid)
101 5A USB charging port 3 (console dual port - right)
102 5A USB charging port 3 (console dual port - left)
103 10A USB smart dedicated charging port 3 (console)
105 25A Hybrid transmission oil pump
107 30A Moonroof control module
110 20A Running board - left
111 30A Second row seat electric fold
137 15A Audio amplifier 2
138 60A Digital sound processor, Amplifier
146 10A Traction battery control module (hybrid)
159 5A High voltage/12V transformer (hybrid)
168 5A Traction battery switch low voltage service disconnect (hybrid)
169 10A E-Drive electronics coolant pump (hybrid)
170 10A Traction battery coolant pump (hybrid), Acoustic vehicle alerting system (hybrid)
180 40A All wheel drive control module

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