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Lincoln Aviator 2023 Fuse Box

Lincoln Aviator 2023 Fuse Box Info


Passenger compartment fuse box location:

The fuse box is under the instrument panel to the left of the steering column.


Engine compartment fuse box location:



Fuse Box Diagram | Layout


Passenger compartment fuse box:

Fuse/Relay N° Rating Functions
1 - Not used
2 10A Moonroof, eCall, Telematics control unit module, Inverter, Driver door switch pack
3 7.5A Memory seat switch, Wireless accessory charger module, Seat switches
4 20A Not used (spare)
5 - Not used
6 10A Not used (spare)
7 10A Smart data link connector power
8 5A Telematics control unit module, Hands-free liftgate actuation module, Power liftgate module
9 5A Combined sensor module, Keypad switch, Rear climate control
10 - Not used
11 - Not used
12 7.5A Remote climate control module, Gear shift module
13 7.5A Steering column control module, Switch interface module A, Smart datalink connector, Instrument cluster
14 15A Not used (spare)
15 15A SYNC, Electronic finish panel
16 - Not used
17 7.5A Headlamp control module
18 7.5A Not used (spare)
19 5A Headlamp switch, Push button ignition switch
20 5A Telematics control unit module, eCall, Bluetooth low energy module
21 5A Not used (spare)
22 5A Not used (spare)
23 30A Not used (spare)
24 30A Moonroof
25 20A Not used (spare)
26 30A Not used (spare)
27 30A Not used (spare)
28 30A Not used (spare)
29 15A Head up display
30 5A Trailer brake connector
31 10A Terrain management switch, Transceiver module
32 20A Audio control module
33 - Not used
34 30A Run/start relay
35 5A Not used (spare)
36 15A Park assist module, Electrochromic mirror, Suspension module, Image processing module A
37 20A Not used (spare)
38 - Not used


Engine compartment fuse box:

Fuse/Relay N° Rating Functions
1 40A Body control module - battery power in feed 1
2 20A Not used (spare)
3 40A Body control module - battery power in feed 2
4 30A Fuel pump
5 5A Powertrain control module keep alive power
6 20A Powertrain control module power
7 20A Canister vent solenoid, Evaporative leak control module, Exhaust gas heat recovery, Tank pressure control valve, Refueling valve, Vapor blocking valve, Universal exhaust gas oxygen 11, Universal exhaust gas oxygen 21, Catalyst monitor sensor 12, Catalyst monitor sensor 22, Canister purge valve
8 20A Cooling fan relay coil, Battery interrupt box, Transmission oil pump, Auxiliary coolant pump, Fuel flap door, Engine coolant bypass valve, Active grille shutters
9 20A Ignition coils
13 40A Front blower motor relay
14 15A Transmission oil pump, A/C compressor variable clutch, Engine mounts, Auxiliary pumps
16 15A Windshield and rear window washer pump relay power
17 5A Charge status indicator
18 30A Starter motor
21 10A Headlamp leveling motors, Adaptive headlamps
22 10A Electric power assisted steering module
23 10A Anti-lock brake system module with integrated park brake
24 10A Powertrain control module, Hybrid powertrain control module
25 10A Air quality sensor, Particulate matter sensor, 360 camera with park aid, Rear view camera, Blind spot information system, Adaptive cruise control module
26 15A Transmission control module
28 40A Anti-lock brake system valves with integrated park brake
29 60A Anti-lock brake system pump with integrated park brake
30 30A Driver seat module
31 30A Passenger seat module
32 20A Not used (spare)
33 20A Rear cargo area power point
34 20A Main console bin power point
35 20A Not used (spare)
36 40A Power inverter
38 30A Climate controlled seat module
41 30A Power liftgate module
42 30A Trailer brake control module
43 60A Body control module
44 10A Brake on and off switch
46 15A Battery charger control module
50 40A Heated backlite
54 20A Heated steering wheel
55 20A Trailer tow park lamps
57 30A Trailer tow battery charge
58 10A Trailer tow backup lamps
61 15A Multi-contour seat module
62 15A Headlamp washer pump
64 40A Four-wheel drive module
69 30A Front window wiper motor
71 15A Rear window wiper motor
72 20A Air suspension module
73 30A Driver door module
78 - Not used
79 - Not used
80 20A Left-hand front electronic door
82 20A Right-hand front electronic door
88 20A Rear blower motor
91 20A Trailer tow lighting module
95 15A Integrated spark control
96 15A Not used (spare)
97 10A Electric A/C, High voltage positive temperature coefficient heater
98 10A Traction battery coolant proportional valve
103 50A Not used (spare)
104 50A Not used (spare)
105 40A Not used (spare)
106 40A Not used (spare)
107 40A Not used (spare)
108 20A Not used (spare)
109 30A Passenger door module
111 30A Body control module voltage quality monitor feed
112 20A Left-hand rear electronic door
114 50A Air suspension compressor
115 20A Amplifier
116 5A Not used (spare)
118 30A Second row heated seats
120 15A Port fuel injectors
124 5A Rain sensor
125 5A USB smart charger 1
127 20A Amplifier
128 15A Illuminated badge
131 40A Power folding seat module
133 15A Left-hand heated wiper blade, Right-hand heated wiper blade
134 10A Family entertainment system
136 20A Right-hand rear electronic door
139 5A USB smart charger 2
142 5A Traffic cam
146 15A Battery electronic control module
148 30A Left-hand headlamp module
149 30A Right-hand headlamp module
150 40A Not used (spare)
155 25A Transmission control module
159 15A DC/DC converter
160 10A Not used (spare)
168 20A Low voltage service disconnect
169 10A Coolant pump
170 10A Traction battery coolant pump, Pedestrian sounder
177 10A Center console blower

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