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MG RX5 2023 Fuse Box

MG RX5 2023 Fuse Box Info


Passenger compartment fuse box location:

The fuse box is located under the left dashboard panel cover.


Engine compartment fuse box location:



Fuse Box Diagram | Layout


Passenger compartment fuse box:

Fuse/Relay N° Rating Functions
1 - -
2 - -
3 30A Front Passenger Window Regulator Switch
4 10A Gateway
5 5A Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, PRND Gear Display, PEPS Backup Immobilizer Coil, EPB Switch
6 10A Airbag Control Module
7 - -
8 10A Electronic Steering Column Lock
9 5A Backup Immobilizer Coil, PEPS
10 5A E-Call TBOX
11 10A Driver Door Switch Pack
12 10A Gateway
13 5A Electronic Shift Control Unit
14 - -
15 - -
16 - -
17 10A Diagnostic Line Connector
18 10A Wireless Charger, Rear USB Charging Module (AT)
19 5A Rear USB Charging Module (MT)
20 15A Front Console Power Socket
21 - -
22 - -
23 - -
24 - -
25 5A Instrument Pack
26 10A A/C Control Module
27 20A Entertainment System, DAB
28 - -
29 - -
30 - -
31 - -
32 - -
33 - -
34 - -
35 - -


Engine compartment fuse box A (Battery fuse box):

Fuse/Relay N° Rating Functions
F1 350A Generator, Starter Motor
F7 - -
FL2 - -
FL3 60A Electric Power Steering System
FL4 200A Front Compartment Fuse Box
FL5 50A Passenger Compartment Fuse Box


Engine compartment fuse box B:

Fuse/Relay N° Rating Functions
F1 - -
F2 10A Left Daytime Running Lamp
F3 10A Right Daytime Running Lamp
F4 - -
F5 20A Windscreen Washer Relay
F6 20A Rear Wiper Relay
F7 30A Rear Left Window Regulator Switch
F8 25A Body Control Module
F9 25A Body Control Module
F10 20A Front Passenger Seat Adjustment Switch
F11 30A Rear Right Window Regulator Switch
F12 20A Driver Seat Adjustment Switch
F13 20A Sunroof Motor
F14 15A Fuel Pump Relay
F15 10A A/C Compressor Clutch
F16 - -
F17 20A Sunshade Motor
F18 10A Engine Control Module
F19 - -
F20 20A Windscreen Washer Pump
F21 15A Horn
F22 - -
F23 25A Transmission Control Module
F24 30A Driver Window Regulator Motor
F25 30A Rear Window Heating Element
F26 25A Front Wiper Speed Control Relay
F27 25A Body Control Module
F28 25A Body Control Module
F29 7.5A Rearview Mirror Heating
F30 - -
F31 - -
F32 5A Engine Control Module
F33 25A Body Control Module
F34 - -
F35 30A Passenger Compartment Fuse Box
F36 5A Headlamp Levelling Switch, Headlamp, Interior Rearview Mirror
F37 - -
F38 - -
F39 - -
F40 - -
F41 - -
F42 10A Transmission Control Module, Engine Control Module, Electronic
Shift Control Unit, Reverse Lamp switch, E-Call TBOX, E-Call Switch
F43 5A Sensing Diagnostic Module (Airbag)
F44 10A Parking Assist Sensor, Body Control Module, Instrument Pack
F45 - -
F46 15A Engine Control Module
F47 20A Generator, Air Flow Sensor, Carbon Canister Control Valve, Cooling
Fan, Upstream Oxygen Sensor, Downstream Oxygen Sensor
F48 15A Ignition Coil
F49 10A Variable Valve Timing Valve - Intake, Variable Valve Timing Valve
- Exhaust, Electronic Thermostat, Pressure Relief Valve, Brake Signal
Sensor, Neutral Switch, Oil Control Valve, Carbon Canister Vent Valve, Electronic Vacuum Pump Relay, Clutch Position Sensor
F50 - -
SB1 40A Stability Control System - Valve
SB2 40A Blower, A/C control module
SB3 30A Electronic Oil Pump Controller
SB4 40A Stability Control System - Pump
SB5 25A Body Control Module
SB6 30A Power Liftgate Control Module
SB7 - -
SB8 - -
SB9 - -
SB10 40A Transmission Control Module Relay
SB11 30A Starter Relay
SB12 30A Passenger Compartment Fuse Box
SB13 30A Electronic Vacuum Pump Relay
SB14 50A Cooling fan
SB15 - -

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