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Holden Colorado 2018 Fuse Box

Holden Colorado 2018 Fuse Box Info


Passenger compartment fuse box location:

The fuse box is behind the instrument panel cap.


Engine compartment fuse box location:



Fuse Box Diagram | Layout


Passenger compartment fuse box:

Fuse/Relay N° Rating Functions
1 20A Body Control Module (6)
3 20A Cigarette Lighter (if available)
6 20A Front and Rear Power Outlets (if available)
7 30A Body Control Module (8)
10 20A Radio (if available)
11 2A Ignition Switch
12 15A Side Blind Zone (SBZ) (If available)
13 15A Body Control Module (3)
14 10A Front A/C Control Module
15 15A Seat Heated (If available)
16 15A Body Control Module (1)
17 30A Front Door Power Window Switch
19 30A Rear Door Power Window Switch (if available)
20 15A Body Control Module (4)
21 10A Spare
22 30A Power Seat (if available)
25 10A Sensing and Diagnose Module (SDM)
26 15A Body Control Module (2)
27 2A Clock Spring
28 7.5A Data Link Connector (DLC)
31 10A Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC), Displays - Radio (Center Stack), USB
33 10A Central Gateway Module (CGM) - Cyber Security
34 30A Front A/C Blower
37 10A Front Collision Alert (FCA) / Rain Sensor (if available)
39 10A Rear View Mirrors (if available)
53 40A BUS-C (fuses: F12, F33, F37, F39, F40)
54 40A Accessory (12V)
RLY45   C-Enable
RLY46   RAP and Accessory (12V)
RLY48   Run relay



Engine compartment fuse box:

Fuse/Relay N° Rating Functions
1 10A Compressor A/C Clutch
2   Not Used
3 15A Electric Power Steering (EPS) (if available)
4   Not Used
5 15A Horn
6 15A Front Fog Lamp (if available)
7 10A High Beam LH
8 10A High Beam RH
9 7.5A Engine Control Module - (Diesel)
10 15A Powertrain Relay (3) – (Diesel)
11 20A Engine Control Module (1) (Diesel)
12 10A Powertrain Relay (1)
13 10A Powertrain Relay (2)
14 15A Powertrain Relay (4)
15 15A Run Crank Relay Signal
16 15A Automatic Transmission Control Module (if available)
17 10A Transfer Case Module, Head Lamp Leveling, Trailer Interface Module (if available)
18 10A Power Supply Cluster - A/C - Airbag Module
19 20A Fuel Pump (Diesel)
20   Not Used
21 30A Rear Defogger (if available)
22 15A Outside Rear View Mirror Defogger (if available)
23 15A Not Used
24 20A Rear Wiper (SUV)
25 10A Front / Rear (SUV) Washer Pump
26 10A Park Assist (if available)
27 5A Body Control Module
28   Auxiliary Lamps Provision (If equipped)
29 30A ABS or ESC Module (if available)
30 10A Horn
31 15A Body Control Module
32 15A Engine Control Module (Battery) (Diesel)
33 10A Communication Wire Between Modules
34 30A Trailer Hitch Module (if available)
SB01 50A ABS or ESC Module Pump (if available)
SB02 30A Transfer Case Control Module (4X4) (if available)
SB03 60A Preheating Glow Plug Module (Diesel)
SB04   -
SB05 30A Starter Motor Solenoid
SB06 30A Front Wiper
SB07 30A Fuel Heater (Diesel)
SB08   Not Used (Diesel)
SB09 30A Spare
RLY01   Starter
RLY03   High Beam
RLY05   Not Used
RLY08   Front Wiper Control
RLY09   Front Wiper Speed
RLY10   Rear Defogger and Outside Rear View Mirror Defogger (if available)
RLY11   Powertrain
RLY12   A/C Clutch
RLY13   Fuel Heater (Diesel)
RLY14   Not Used (Diesel)
RLY15   Not Used
RLY18   Run Crank
RLY19   Fuel Pump (Diesel)

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