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Ram ProMaster City 2022 Fuse Box

Ram ProMaster City 2022 Fuse Box Info


Passenger compartment fuse box location:

The fuse box is located on the driver's side under the instrument panel.


Engine compartment fuse box location:



Fuse Box Diagram | Layout


Passenger compartment fuse box:

Fuse/Relay N° Rating Functions
53 5A KL 30 (+30) - IPC, FTM
38 20A Central Doors Locking
36 15A KL 30 (+30) - TPMS, EOBD, HVAC, Radio, USB, SGW
43 15A Bi-Directional Washer Pump
48 20A Passenger Power Windows
13 7.5A Supply for left low beam bulb or discharge lamp
50 7.5A KL 15 (+15) - Air-Bag
51 7.5A KL 15 (+15) - External Mirror Adjustment Command, HVAC, RVC, HWB Coils
37 5A KL 15 (+15) - Brake Pedal Switch (N.O.), IPC, Brake Pedal Switch (N.C.)
49 5A KL 15 (+15) - PAM, CSS Lighting, TTM, SGW, Heaters Light, ECM Backlighting
31 5A KL 15a (INT A) - HWB, MCO
47 20A Driver Power Windows



Central Unit Fuse Panel:

The central power fuse panel is located on the driver’s side under the instrument panel.

Fuse/Relay N° Rating Functions
1 10A Front Heated Seat Passenger (If Equipped)
2 10A Front Heated Seat Driver (If Equipped)
3 20A Rear Power Window Driver side (If Equipped)
4 20A Rear Power Window Passenger side (If Equipped)
5 15A Fog Lamps (If Equipped)



Engine compartment fuse box:

Fuse/Relay N° Rating Functions
01 60A Body Controller
02 40A Rear Power Windows, Fog Lamps, Front Heated Seats (If Equipped)
02 30A Rear Power Windows, Front Heated Seats Fog Lamps (If Equipped)
02 30A Fog Lamps, Front Heated Seats (If Equipped)
02 20A Front Heated Seats (If Equipped)
03 20A Ignition Switch
04 40A BSM System Module
06 20A Radiator Fan - Low Speed
07 50A Radiator Fan - High Speed
08 40A Blower Motor
10 15A Horn
11 10A Secondary Loads ECM
14 15A High Beam
15 - -
16 5A ECM and Transmission Shifter
17 25A ECM Power Loads
18 5A ECM Load, Main Relay
19 7.5A Air Conditioning
20 30A Rear Defroster (If Equipped)
21 5A Key Unlock
22 10A Primary ECM Loads
23 20A BSM System
24 5A BSM System, Positive Key and Steering Angle Sensor
30 15A 2nd Instrument Panel Power Outlet (Battery)
83 20A Fuel Pump
84 15A AT Module
85 15A Rear Power Outlet 12 Volts (ACC/ON/RUN)
86 15A IP Power Outlet 12 Volts (ACC/ON/RUN)
87 5A IBS
88 7.5A External Mirror Defrost (If Equipped)

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