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Kia Amanti 2007 Fuse Box

Kia Amanti 2007 Fuse Box Info


Passenger compartment fuse box location:

The fuse box is located at the left side of the steering column at the bottom of the instrument panel.


Engine compartment fuse box location:



Fuse Box Diagram | Layout


Passenger compartment fuse box:

Fuse/Relay Rating Functions
B/ALARM 10A Burglar alarm
A/BAG 15A Airbag
C/LIGHTER 20A Cigar lighter
S/WARMER 10A Seat warmer
P/WDW(RH) 20A Power window (right)
P/HANDLE 15A Power steering wheel
T/SIG LP 15A Turn signal light
HTD GLASS 30A Defroster
TRUNK OPEN 15A Trunk lid opener
CLUSTER 10A Cluster
A/BAG IND 10A Airbag indicator
P/OUTLET 20A Electrical power socket
LAN UNIT 10A Lan unit
CURTAIN(RR) 10A Electric curtain (rear)
FOG LP(RR), PIC 15A Fog light (rear), Personal identification card
F/LID OPEN 15A Fuel filler lid opener
P/SEAT(RR) 30A Power seat (rear)
B/ALARM 10A Burglar alarm
STOP LP 15A Stop light
TRIP COMPUTER 10A Trip computer
B/UP LP 10A Back-up light
AV 10A Audio
H/LP 10A Headlight
A/CON 10A Air-conditioning system
P/WDW(LH) 20A Power window (left)
TAIL LP(RH) 10A Taillight (right) 
BACK WARN’G 10A Back warning
DR LP 10A Door courtesy lamp
MIRROR HTD 10A Outside review mirror defroster
ENG SNSR 10A Power train control system sensors
T/REDUCER 10A Seat belt tension reducer
CLOCK 10A Clock
WIPER(FR) 20A Wiper (front)
EPS 10A Electronic power steering
TAIL LP(LH) 10A Tail light (left) 
ROOM LP 10A Room lamp
AV, CLOCK 15A Audio, Clock
LAN UNIT 10A Lan unit
TPMS 15A -
H/LP WASHER 20A Headlight washer
SHUNT CONN - Switch illumination
POWER/CONN - Power connector



Engine compartment fuse box:

Fuse/Relay Rating Functions
1. FUEL PUMP 20A Fuel pump
2. H/LP (LO-LH) 15A Headlight (low-left)
3. ABS 10A Anti-lock brake system
4. IGN COIL 10A Ignition coil
5. A/CON COMP 10A Air-conditioner compressor
6. ATM 20A Automatic transaxle control relay
7. MAIN 20A Engine control unit relay
8. O2 SNSR 15A Oxygen sensor
9. EGR 15A Power train control system sensors
10. HORN 15A Horn
11. TAIL 20A Tail light
12. SUNROOF 20A Sun roof
13. P/SEAT (RH) 20A Power seat (right)
14. FOG LP (FR) 15A Fog light (front)
15. H/LP (HI) 15A Headlight (high)
16. SPARE 30A Spare fuse
17. SPARE 20A Spare fuse
18. SPARE 15A Spare fuse
19. SPARE 10A Spare fuse
20. P/SEAT (LH) 30A Power seat (left)
21. AMP 20A Radio amplifier
22. DRL* 15A Daytime running light
23. H/LP (LO-RH) 15A Headlight (low beam-right)
24. I/P B+ 30A All electrical system
25. ECU 10A Engine control unit
26. INJECTOR 10A Injector
27. ECS* 15A Electronic control suspension
BLOWER 40A Blower motor
IGN 1 30A Ignition switch
ABS 2 30A Anti-lock brake system
ABS 1 30A Anti-lock brake system
IGN 2 30A Ignition switch
S/WARM 30A Seat warmer
H/LP (LO-LH) - Headlight relay (low beam-left)
FUEL PUMP - Fuel pump relay
HORN - Horn relay
START - Start motor relay
A/CON - Air conditioner relay
H/LP (HI) - Headlight relay (high beam)
FOG LP (FR) - Fog light relay (front)
TAIL LP - Taillight relay
WIPER - Wiper relay
BATT 60A Alternator, Battery
ALT 150A Alternator
COOLING 60A Cooling fan

*  if equipped

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