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Ford E-450 1997 Fuse Box

Ford E-450 1997 Fuse Box Info


Passenger compartment fuse box location:

The fuse box is located below and to the left of the steering wheel by the brake pedal.


Engine compartment fuse box location:

The power distribution box is located in the engine compartment.



Fuse Box Diagram | Layout


Passenger compartment fuse box:

Fuse/Relay N° Rating Functions
1 20A 4WABS or RABS module
2 15A 4WABS relay (coil), RABS (diode/resistor), instrument cluster, warning chime
3 15A Headlamp switch, radio sense, rear radio control, Remote keyless entry module
4 15A Power mirrors, modified vehicle, power locks w/RKE, Headlamp switch (dome), illuminated entry, Courtesy lamp switches, Radio
(KAP), Cluster (KAP), warning chime
5 20A Remote keyless entry module, power door lock switches, memory lock
6 10A Brake shift interlock, speed control, daytime running light module
7 10A Multi-function switch
8 30A Noise supression capacitor, ignition coil positive feed, PCM relay diode/PCM power relay, fuel heater (diesel), glow plug relay (diesel)
9 30A Wiper control module, wiper motor
10 20A Headlamp switch (exterior lamps), Multi-function switch (flash-to-pass)
11 15A Stoplight switch, brake pressure switch, multi-function switch
12 15A Digital transmission range sensor (backup lamps), auxiliary battery relay
13 15A A/C mode switch, blend door actuator
14 5A Instrument cluster (air bag and charge indicator lamps)
15 5A Trailer tow battery charge relay (coil)
16 30A Power seats
17 - Not used
18 - Not used
19 10A Air bag module
20 5A Overdrive cancel switch
21 30A Power windows
22 - Not used
23 20A Cigar lighter, data link connector
24 5A Illuminated entry
25 10A Left headlamp (low beam)
26 - Not used
27 - Not used
28 25A Instrument panel power point
29 - Not used
30 15A Headlamps (high beam), Daytime running lamps (DRL), high beam indicator
31 10A Right headlamp (low beam), Daytime running lamps (DRL)
32 - Not used
33 - Not used
34 10A Digital transmission range sensor (start control)
35 - Not used
36 5A Panel illumination
37 - Not used
38 10A Air bag module
39 - Not used
40 30A Modified vehicle
41 30A Modified vehicle
42 - Not used
43 - Not used
44 - Not used


Engine compartment fuse box:

Fuse/Relay N° Rating Functions
1 - Generator to battery
2 - Not used
3 - Not used
4 5A PCM keep alive memory
5 10A Right trailer turn signal
6 10A Left trailer turn signal
7 - Not used
8 60A Instrument panel fuses
9 30A PCM power relay
10 60A Auxiliary battery
11 - Not used
12 60A Misc
13 50A Blower motor relay
14 30A Trailer running lamps, trailer backup lamps
15 40A Headlamp switch
16 50A Auxiliary A/C, remote keyless entry module
17 30A Fuel pump relay (gasoline), injector driver module relay (diesel)
18 60A Modified vehicle power
19 60A Anti-lock brake system (4WABS)
20 20A Electric brake controller (trailer tow)
21 50A Modified vehicle power
22 40A Trailer battery charge (relay)
23 60A Ignition switch feed
24 - Not used
25 - Not used
26 10A Alternator (diesel)
27 15A Horn, daytime running lamp module
28 - PCM diode
29 - Not used
A - Not used
B - Not used
C - Trailer backup lamps
D - Trailer running lamps
E - Trailer battery charge relay
F - Not used
H - Blower motor
J - Horn
K - Fuel pump or IDM

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