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McLaren 720S 2019 Fuse Box

McLaren 720S 2019 Fuse Box Info


Passenger compartment fuse box location:

The fuse box 1 (Main fuse box) is located behind a panel in the rear bulkhead, behind the left-hand seat.

The fuse box 2 (Secondary fuse box) is located below the dashboard on the passenger’s side.


Luggage compartment fuse box location:

The fuse box is located at the battery.


Fuse Box Diagram | Layout


Passenger compartment fuse box 1:

Fuse/Relay N° Rating Functions
F1 60A Right-Hand Secondary Air Pump
F2 60A Left-Hand Secondary Air Pump
F3 20A Tonneau Motor Right-Hand (Spider Only)
F4 20A Tonneau Motor Left-Hand (Spider Only)
F5 30A Transmission Control Unit
F6 30A Transmission Control Unit
F7 30A Starter
F8 30A Heated Rear Window
F9 30A Audio Amplifier (16 Channel)
F10 20A Roof Central ECU (Spider Only)
F11 20A Roof Central ECU (Spider Only)
F12 20A Roof Main Motor Left-Hand (Spider Only)
F13 5A Transmission Control Unit
F14 5A Engine Control Module
F15 10A Relays
F16 - -
F17 3A Door Locking Switch
F18 50A ECU Main Relay Feed
F19 40A Fuel Pump
F20 30A Seat Driver’s
F21 30A Seat Passenger’s
F22 20A Roof Main Motor Right-Hand (Spider Only)
F23 5A Tilt and Microwave Sensor
F24 20A Infotainment Control Unit
F25 10A Driver’s/Passenger’s Door Latch
F26 3A Auxiliary USB Board
F27 - -
F28 - -
F29 - -
F30 - -
F31 50A Cooling Fan Left-Hand
F32 50A Cooling Fan Right-Hand
F33 - -
F34 - -
F35 - -
F36 20A ECM Power Supply
F37 15A Canister Purge, Lambda Sensors, Cooling Fan Relay Coil
F38 15A Fuel Injection and Ignition - Left-Hand Bank
F39 15A Fuel Injection and Ignition - Right-Hand Bank
F40 10A Engine Ancillaries
R41 - -
R42 - -
R43 - -
R44 - -
F45 10A Electrical Thermostats, Camshaft Actuators
F46 3A Output Shaft Speed, Even Gear Shaft Speed
F47 3A Input Shaft Speed, Odd Gear Shaft Speed
F48 - -
F49 5A Starter
R50 - -
R51 - Heated Rear Window
R52 - -
R53 - Transmission Control Unit
R54 - Transmission Control Unit
R55 - Starter
R56 - Secondary Air Pump RH
R57 - Cooling Fans
R58 - ECU Main relay Feed


Passenger compartment fuse box 2:

Fuse/Relay N° Rating Functions
F1 20A Driver’s door
F2 20A Passenger’s door
F3 25A Lights
F4 35A Lights
F5 35A Body
F6 35A Body
F7 35A Alarm
F8 - -
F9 - -
F10 - -
F11 - -
F12 - -
F13 - -
F14 5A Transmission Control Unit
F15 10A Air Conditioning
F16 3A Alarm Control Unit
F17 3A Tracker
F18 7.5A Alarm
F19 5A Central Display
F20 3A Transmission Control Unit Relays
F21 15A Display Control Unit
F22 - -
F23 5A Driver Display
F24 10A Development Connector
F25 10A OBD2 Diagnostics
F26 - -
F27 - -
F28 - -
F29 - Transmission Control Unit
F30 - Transmission Control Unit


Luggage compartment fuse box:

Fuse/Relay N° Rating Functions
F1 30A Transmission Control Unit
F2 30A Transmission Control Unit
F3 30A Air Conditioning - Motor - Control Module
F4 50A Secondary Fuse Box Supply
F5 20A Electronic Stability Control Valves
F6 40A Electronic Stability Control Motor
F7 20A Auxiliary Power Socket - Luggage Compartment
F8 40A Secondary Fuse Box Supply
F9 100A Electro Hydraulic Power Assisted Steering
F10 200A Main Fuse Box Supply
F11 30A Secondary Fuse Box Supply

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