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Peugeot 407 2007 Fuse Box Diagram

Peugeot 407 2007 Fuse Box Diagram


Fuse box location:

The fuse box are placed in the lower part of the fascia.


Engine compartment fusebox:

The fusebox is placed in the engine compartment near the battery.



Fuse Box Diagram | Layout

Dashboard fuses:

Fuse N° Rating Functions
F1 15 A Rear wiper.
F2 30 A Central locking/deadlocking.
F3 5 A Air bags.
F4 10 A ESP dual function sensor, diagnostic connector, sunroof (Saloon), steering wheel angle sensor.
F5 30 A Front one-touch electric windows, sunroof (Saloon), panoramic roof concealing shutter (407 SW).
F6 30 A Rear one-touch electric windows.
F7 5 A Glove box light, side repeaters, front and rear courtesy lights, map reading lights, courtesy mirror.
F8 20 A CD changer, multifunction display, audio equipment, steering wheel control, trailer fuse box, alarm control unit, navigation-telematics (according to country).
F9 30 A Lighter, telematics (according to country), rear 12 V accessories socket (100 W max.).
F10 15 A Tyre under-inflation detection unit.
F11 15 A Diagnostic socket, ignition switch.
F12 30 A Hands-free kit, trailer socket, trailer fuse box, audible rear parking assistance, passenger electric seat, rain and brightness sensor, alarm.
F13 5 A Engine fuse box, windscreen wipers relay control.
F14 15 A Driver’s seat memory unit or driver’s electric seat, instrument panel, air conditioning control panel, air bags control unit.
F15 15 A Electric child lock, deadlocking of the rear doors.
F17 40 A Heated rear screen.
FS1 - PARC shunt.


Fuse N° Rating Functions
G29 5 A Telematics (according to country).
G30 30 A Driver’s electric seat without memory unit.
G31 30 A Passenger electric seat without memory unit.
G32 15 A Rear 12 V accessories socket (100 W max.).
G33 - Not used.
G34 - Not used.
G35 - Not used.
G36 30 A Driver’s seat memory unit.
G37 15 A Six-speed automatic gearbox supply.
G38 30 A Right and left heated seats.
G39 30 A Trailer fuse box (accessory).
G40 30 A Hi-Fi audio assembly.


Engine compartment fusebox:

Fuse N° Rating Functions
F1 20 A Engine management control unit.
F2 15 A Horn.
F3 10 A Front and rear wash-wipe.
F4 20 A Headlamp wash.
F5 15 A Engine management actuators (fuel pump, purge canister solenoid valves, ...).
F6 10 A Automatic gearbox control unit.
F7 10 A Switching and protection unit, intake air flow sensor, clutch switch, six-speed automatic gearbox switch, STOP switches, electrochromatic mirror, panoramic
roof concealing shutter controls (407 SW).
F8 20 A Starter coil.
F9 10 A Xenon bulb electronics supply, STOP switch, power steering electropump, four-speed automatic gearbox control unit, automatic gearbox locking relay.
F10 30 A Engine management actuators (ignition coil, solenoid valves, oxygen sensors).
F11 40 A Air conditioning blower or not used.
F12 30 A Windscreen wipers.
F13 40 A Built-in system interface supply (ignition positive).
F14 30 A Air pump.

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