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Hyundai Accent 2013 Fuse Box

Hyundai Accent 2013 Fuse Box Info


Passenger compartment fuse box location:

The fuse box is located at the left side of the steering column at the bottom of the instrument panel.


Engine compartment fuse box location:



Fuse Box Diagram | Layout


Passenger compartment fuse box:

Fuse/Relay Name Rating Functions
P/OUTLET 15A Cigarette Lighter & Power Outlet (Power Outlet)
C/LIGHTER 15A Cigarette Lighter & Power Outlet (Cigarette Lighter)
ACC 10A Audio, Power Outside Mirror Switch
A/BAG IND 10A Instrument Cluster (Air Bag IND.)
A/BAG 10A SRS Control Module, Telltale, Passenger Occupant Detection Sensor
T/SIG 10A Hazard Switch
MDPS 10A EPS Control Module
WIPER RR 15A Multifunction Switch (Wiper), Rear Wiper Moter
SPARE 6 15A Not Used
SPARE 1 10A Not Used
FOG LAMP FRT 10A Front Fog Lamp Relay
ROOM LAMP 2 10A Auto Cut Relay
STOP LAMP 15A Stop Lamp Switch, Battery Sensor, Stop Lamp Relay, E/R Fuse & Relay Box (HAC Relay), Data Link Connector
CLUSTER 10A Instrument Cluster (MICOM, IND.), BCM
IG1 1 10A Stop Lamp Switch, ECO Switch, Driver/Passenger Seat Heater Module, Tire Pressure Monitoring Module, ATM Shift Lever Switch ILL. EPS Control Module, Rheostat
ABS 10A ABS Control Module, ESC Control Module, ESC Off Switch, E/R Fuse & Relay Box (Multipurpose Check Connector, HAC Relay)
B/UP LAMP 10A Back-Up Lamp Switch
SPARE 7 10A Not Used
HAZARD 15A Hazard Relay, Hazard Switch
SPARE 2 25A Not Used
SUNROOF 15A Sunroof Motor
SPARE 3 10A Not Used
TCU 15A Vehicle Speed Sensor, Transaxle Range Switch
IGN COIL 15A Ignition Coil #1~#4, Condenser
IG2 10A Power Window Relay, A/C Control Module, Instrument Cluster (MICOM), BCM, Sunroof Motor, E/R Fuse & Relay Box (Blower Relay)
WIPER FRT 25A Multifunction Switch (Wiper), Front Wiper Motor
DR LOCK 20A Door Lock/Unlock Relay, Two Turn Unlock Relay Driver Door Lock Actuator
SPARE 4 25A Not Used
S/HEATER 15A Driver/Passenger Seat Heater Module
SPARE 5 10A Not Used
ROOM LP 1 10A Instrument Cluster (IND.,ILL.), Tire Pressure Monitoring Module, BCM, A/C Control Module, Luggage Room Lamp, Trunk Room Lamp, Center Room Lamp, Overhead Console Lamp, Map Lamp
AUDIO 20A Audio
TAIL LAMP LH 10A Rear Combination Lamp LH, Head Lamp LH, Front Turn Signal Lamp LH, License Lamp LH/RH (4Door), License Lamp (5Door)
TAIL LAMP RH 10A Head Lamp RH, Rear Combination Lamp RH, Rheostat, Audio, Front Turn Signal Lamp RH, Hazard Switch, Instrument Cluster (ILL.+), AUX & USB Jack, ESC Off Switch, A/C Switch, ECO Switch, Multifunction Switch (Remote Control), A/C Control Module, Rear Defogger Switch, Front Deicer Switch, ATM Shift Lever Switch ILL.
START 10A Transaxle Range Switch, Ignition Lock Switch
H/LAMP 10A Instrument Cluster, Engine Compartment Fuse & Relay Box (Head Lamp Relay)
P/WDW LH 25A Power Window Main Switch, Rear Power Window Switch LH
P/WDW RH 25A Power Window Main Switch, Rear Power Window Switch RH, Passenger Power Window Switch
HTD MIRR 10A ECM, PCM, Rear Defogger Switch, Driver Power Outside Mirror, Passenger Power Outside Mirror
A/CON 10A A/C Control Module (Auto A/C)
BLOWER 10A ECM, PCM, Blower Switch, Blower Resistor, A/C Control Module (Manual A/C)


Engine compartment fuse box:

Fuse/Relay Name Rating Functions
MDPS 80A EPS Control Module
BLOWER 40A Blower Relay
RR HTD 40A I/P Junction Box (Rear Defogger Relay)
ABS 2 40A ABS Control Module, ESC Control Module
ABS 1 40A ABS Control Module, ESC Control Module, Multipurpose Check Connector
ALT 125A Alternator, E/R Fuse & Relay Box (Multi Fuse : ABS 1, ABS 2, MDPS, RR HTD, BLOWER, Fuse : A/CON)
B+1 50A I/P Junction Box (Power Connector Fuse : ROOM LP 1, AUDIO, Fuse : FOG LP FRT, ROOM LP 2, STOP LP, Relay : Tail Lamp)
IG2 50A Start Relay, Ignition Switch
IG1 40A Ignition Switch
ECU 1 30A Fuse : ECU 2, Engine Control Relay
C/FAN 30A Cooling Fan (High) Relay, Cooling Fan (Low) Relay
B+2 50A I/P Junction Box (Fuse : S/HEATER, SUNROOF, DR LOCK, HAZARD, Relay : Power Window)
HORN 10A Horn Relay
F/PUMP 10A Fuel Pump Relay
H/LAMP RH 10A Head Lamp RH
H/LAMP LH 10A Head Lamp LH
A/CON 10A A/CON Relay
INJECTOR 15A ECM, PCM, Oil Control Valve #1/#2, Oxygen Sensor (Up)/(Down), Fuel Pump Relay
SENSOR 10A ECM, PCM, Canister Purge Control Solenoid Valve, Variable Intake Solenoid Valve, Canister Close Valve, Immobilizer Module, A/CON Relay, Cooling Fan (High) Relay, Cooling Fan (Low) Relay
B/UP LAMP 10A PCM, Transaxle Range Switch, Instrument Cluster, Rear Combination Lamp LH/RH, ATM Shift Lever Switch ILL.
WIPER 10A ECM, PCM, Multifunction Switch (Wiper), Front Wiper Motor

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