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Cupra Born 2021 Fuse Box

Cupra Born 2021 Fuse Box Info


Passenger compartment fuse box location:

The fuse box is located at the left side of the steering column at the bottom of the instrument panel behind the cover (Left-hand drive vehicle). The fuse box is located behind the cover in the glove box (Right-hand drive vehicle).


Engine compartment fuse box location:



Fuse Box Diagram | Layout


Passenger compartment fuse box:

Fuse/Relay N° Rating Functions
2 15A Airbag control unit
4 7.5A Front camera
5 25A On-board network control unit
6 30A On-board network control unit
7 30A Seat heating control unit
8 15A Sunroof
9 30A Rear left window control / left hand door control unit
13 40A On-board network control unit
14 30A Digital sound amplifier
17 5A Exterior mirrors / Park assist control unit / Blind spot control unit
18 5A Access and start system / Steering column locking / Anti-theft protection control unit
19 5A Instrument cluster / Navigation system OCU4 
20 7.5A Transmission and reception stabilisation control unit / Mobile interface / Media device interface
21 7.5A Top view camera 
22 10A Motor control unit
23 5A Internet access control unit
25 25A Driver’s seat belt
26 30A Right rear window control unit / Right-hand door control unit
27 25A Passenger seat belt
28 10A Rescue and high-voltage system manual disconnection point. Identified by a yellow label
30 25A ICAS3 control unit
32 25A On-board network control unit 
34 15A Heating and air-conditioning control unit 
36 40A Blower
38 7.5A Control unit for front seats with massage function
39 15A Steering column control unit
40 7.5A Alarm horn 
41 5A Diagnostics for the data bus
43 7.5A Relay R3_LVI / Vehicle interior temperature sensor / Vehicle interior
carbon dioxide sensor
44 7.5A Diagnosis / Power window control unit / Anti-theft alarm system sensor / Roof module (LINDA) / Air humidity, rain and light sensor / warning light switch / Lighting control unit [LiSi]
45 5A Steering column control unit
46 7.5A Screen control unit / Front projection (head-up display) control unit
47 10A Suspension control unit (DSTG)
48 7.5A Rear USB 
52 20A 12V socket in luggage compartment
59 7.5A Electrochromic mirror / Relay R1_LVI
60 7.5A Diagnosis 
61 5A Inverter for the rear axle drive motor
66 15A Rear window wiper
67 30A Rear window heating / Filter for frequency modulation
    Individual fuses
SITR10 15A B-Rack Slot - Right front seat adjustment control panel
SITR2 15A A-Frame Slot - Left front seat adjustment control panel


Engine compartment fuse box:

Fuse/Relay N° Rating Functions
2 7.5A ABS control unit
3 10A On-board charger / Power and control electronics for the electric
drive / Voltage transformer
4 30A Front left LED headlight
5 30A Front right LED headlight 
6 7.5A Distance control unit (MRR)
7 30A Right front wiper motor
9 15A Horn relay
10 30A Left front wiper motor
11 30A Air conditioning relay
12 7.5A Actuator 1 for engine sound generation
13 25A ABS control unit
15 40A ABS control unit
16 50A Cooling fan
23 10A Engine control unit 
24 5A Cooling fan
25 10A High-voltage heating (PTC) / HV battery heating / Cooling pump for thermal management 
26 10A Jalouise radiator / Water pump (HV heater)
32 50A Brake servo

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