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BMW X5 2017 Fuse Box

BMW X5 2017 Fuse Box Info


Passenger compartment fuse box location:

The instrument panel fuse box is located under the glove box.

BDC (Body Domain Controller) box is located in the front passenger’s footwell.


Luggage compartment fuse box location:

The luggage compartment fuse box is located on the right side, behind the cover.



Fuse Box Diagram | Layout


Passenger compartment fuse box:

Fuse/Relay N° Rating Functions
19 5A Remote Control Receiver
20 5A Roof Function Control Centre
21 5A Preheating Control Unit
22 7.5A Driver's Door Switch Block, Passenger Exterior Mirror
23 10A Digital Motor Electronics (DME)
24 10A Electronic Transmission Control
25 5A Touchbox, iDrive Controller
26 5A Extendible Dashboard Speaker, Rear Left/Right Seat Heating Switch
27 10A Driver/Passenger Lumbar Support Valve Block, Driver's/Passenger's Side Seat Adjustment Switch
28 5A Rain/Light/Solar/Condensation Sensor, Roof Function Control Centre, Vanity Mirror Lights
29 15A Auxiliary Water Pump
30 10A Coolant Pump for Charge Air Cooler
31 5A Electric Fan Cut-Out Relay
32 5A Transfer Box
33 5A N63, S63: Turbocharger Coolant Pump, N20: A/C Compressor (Electrical), Electric Auxiliary Heater
34 5A Integrated Chassis Management (ICM)
35 5A Electrochromic Interior Rear View Mirror
36 20A Centre Power Socket (12V Connection)
37 20A Front Cigarette Lighter (12V Connection)
38 20A Roof Function Control Centre
39 15A Left Headlight
40 - -
41 10A S63: Coolant Pump for Charge Air Cooler, N20: Passenger Compartment Refrigerant Shutoff Valve, Electric-Machine Electronics (EME)
42 5A Electronic Damper Control, Electrochromic Interior Rear View Mirror
43 5A Left/Right Targeted Illumination
44 7.5A Camera-Based Driver Assistance Systems (KAFAS), Active Steering
45 5A Active Cruise Control (ACC), Automatic Air Recirculation Control Sensor (AUC)
46 5A Radiator Shutter Drive Unit, B47, N47, N57: Engine Breather Heater, Radiator Shutter Drive Unit
47 5A Electronic Night Vision Module (NVE), Vehicle Sound Generator (VSG)
48 10A Steering Column Switch Center
49 5A Steering Angle Sensor, N57D30T1: Shutoff Valve for Coolant Expansion Tank, Steering Angle Sensor
50 5A Instrument Cluster
51 - -
52 7.5A Instrument Cluster
53 5A Glove Compartment Light, Decor Strip Lighting, Door Pocket Lighting, Door Panel Lighting, Front Left/Right Footwell Light
54 10A Gear Selector Switch (GWS)
55 5A Servotronic (SVT), Electromechanical Power Steering (EPS)
56 5A Vertical Dynamics Management (VDM)
57 20A Left Headlight
58 30A Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)
59 40A Active Steering
60 40A Blower Output Stage
61 20A Electronic Damper Control
62 20/30A Vertical Dynamics Management (VDM)
63 30A Transfer Box (VTG)
64 30A Passenger's Seat Heating Module
65 30A Driver's Seat Heating Module
66 20A Independent Auxiliary Heater
67 30A Driver's Side Seat Adjustment Switch Block (without Seat Module (SMFA)), Driver Seat Module (SMFA)
68 30A Passenger's Side Seat Adjustment Switch Block (without Seat Module (SMBF)), Passenger's Seat Module (SMBF)
69 20A Electronic Transmission Control (EGS)
70 20A Electric Steering Column Adjustment


Passenger compartment fuse box (Body Domain Controller):

Fuse/Relay N° Rating Functions
1 30A Passenger Power Window Drive
2 30A Driver's Side Rear Power Window Drive
3 20A Front Passenger Door Lock
4 30A Driver Power Window Drive
5 30A Rear Window Defogger
6 30A Passenger's Side Rear Power Window Drive
7 20A Driver's Door Lock
8 - -
9 5A Steering Column Switch Center, Light Switch Unit, Driver Assistance System Operating Facility with Hazard Warning Switch
10 7.5A Left Headlight
11 7.5A Diagnostic Connector, Heating/Air Conditioning System, Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)
12 5A Telematic Communication Box, Electronic Outer Doors Handles Module
13 15A Horn (Low/High Range)
14 - -


Luggage compartment fuse box:

Fuse/Relay N° Rating Functions
100 5A Parking Brake Button
101 15A Right Headlight
102 5A High-Voltage Battery Unit
103 5A Siren with Tilt Alarm Sensor
104 5A Parking Brake Control Unit, Natural Vacuum Leak Detection (NVLD)
105 30A Reversible Electromotive Automatic Reel (Right)
106 30A Rear Axle Lateral Torque Distribution
107 40A Tailgate Function Module
108 - -
109 - -
110 40A Air Suspension Compressor Relay
111 - -
112 20A Pressurised Fuel Tank Control Module
113 30A Trailer Module
114 30A Trailer Module
115 20A Right Headlight
116 30A Parking Brake Control Unit
117 30A Reversible Electromotive Automatic Reel (Left)
118 5A Video Switch (VSW)
119 - -
120 5A Power Control Unit, N20: Charging Controller for Auxiliary Battery
121 20A Headunit
122 30A Audio Amplifier
123 - -
124 5A Video Module
125 - -
126 10A Rear Passenger's Door Automatic Soft-Close Drive
127 5A DVD-Changer
128 5A Wireless Charging Oddments Tray, Antenna Amplifier, Base Plate
129 15A Active Sound Design (ASD)
130 5A Automatic Luggage Compartment Lid Actuation
131 5A Luggage Compartment Light, Rear Lid Button on Inside of Rear Lid, Noise Suppressor Filter
132 5A Rear Axle Lateral Torque Distribution, Electronic Ride Height Control
133 5A Rear Compartment Automatic Climate Control
134 5A Rear Driver's Door Automatic Soft-Close Drive
135 5A Safety Battery Terminal Gas Generator
136 - -
137 - -
138 - -
139 20A Trailer Socket
140 20A Boot Lid/Tailgate Lock
141 - -
142 - -
143 10A Cool Box Relay
144 15A Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Control Unit
145 5A Parking Assistant, Infotainment Fan N°2
146 15A Electrical Exhaust Flap (N°1, N°2)
147 15A Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Control Unit
148 5A Lane Change Warning (SWW)
149 7.5A Right Headlight
150 7.5A Contact-Free Tailgate Opening Evaluation Electronics, Convenience Charging Electronics, Tailgate Function Module
151 5A USB-HUB (USB Connection N°1/N°2, AUX-In Connection)
152 5A Reversible Electromotive Automatic Reel (Left/Right)
153 15A Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Control Unit
154 5A All-Round Vision Camera (TRSVC), Reversing Camera
155 10A Passenger's Door Automatic Soft-Close Drive
156 10A Driver's Door Automatic Soft-Close Drive
157 - -
158 10A Rear Seat Entertainment
159 5A Audio Amplifier, Infotainment Fan N°2
160 20A Rear Compartment Blower Motor
161 - -
162 20A Rear Cigarette Lighter (12V Connection N°1 & N°2), Luggage Cigarette Lighter (12V Connection)
163 30A Trailer Module
164 30A Right Rear Seat Heating Module
165 20A Fuel Pump Control (EKPS)
166 30A Left Rear Seat Heating Module
167 30A Driver's Door Automatic Soft-Close Drive, Passenger's Door Automatic Soft-Close Drive


Luggage compartment fuse box (Fuses on the battery):

Fuse/Relay N° Rating Functions
500 50A Body Domain Controller (BDC)
501 125A Rear Power Distribution Box
502 150A Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)
503 125A N63, S63, N20: Integrated Supply Module, D47, N47, N57: Digital Diesel Electronics (DDE) Main Relay
504 125A Body Domain Controller (BDC)
505 50A Audio Amplifier
506 60A N55, N63, S53, B47, N47, N57: Power Control Unit (PCU), N20: Charging Controller for Auxiliary Battery
507 40A Rear Right Electric Auxiliary Heater
508 40A 3rd Seat Row Auxiliary Heating Control
509 40A Body Domain Controller (BDC)
510 40A Rear Left Electric Auxiliary Heater

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